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Shots On Target Ratio With PDO

Pretty simple premise: What ratio of shots on target are a team posting on the x axis and what PDO number are teams posting on the y axis.

Top right quadrant is good and l***y, the bottom right quadrant is bad and un****y.

Scoring% and Save%

At what rate are teams converting their own shots on target and saving the oppositions shots on target?

Good Lord! Everton's save% is really something. Just as astonishing, but at the other end of the field, is the low scoring% that Burnley are posting.

Shots For p/90 & Shots Against p/90

If a team is to the right of LGE AVE then it is taking an above average shots for per 90 minutes. If a team is below LGE AVE then it is conceding fewer shots per 90 minutes than league average.

Three cheers for Arsenal and their schedule!

Passes For p/90 & Passes Against p/90

Some interesting pass numbers from Aston Villa and Newcastle.

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