Sunday, 25 January 2015

Motion Charts: 2014/15 Scoring% & Save%

Watch as Scoring% & Save% regress as the season progresses. 

There's systemic effects in each team's scoring% and Save% numbers: distance and location and tactics will all have an effect on these two stats. But these effects aren't repeatable and don't sustain over the course of the season. Why? Luck, variance, score effects, schedule and God knows what else.

How To Read This Chart:

  • x Axis is scoring% (goals for/shots on target for) 
  • y Axis is save% (100-goals against/shots on target against)
  • Bubble Size tells us about a team's Goal% (bigger the better)
  • The Blue dot is league average in scoring% & save%
  • The play button is the game week. It should read 1-38 but instead it reads 1001-1038
  • Green = Top 4 | Red = Relegation | Blue = league average

  • Note how the dots tighten as we move through the season.


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