Thursday, 22 January 2015

Motion Charts: The 2013/14 Premier League Good/Lucky Chart

The Good/Lucky chart is a handy little scatter plot that I borrowed/stole from Michael Parkatti of the Oilogosphere. *It's always nice to give credit from the original source.

Anyway, I've been creating this chart for a good 18 months or so now and v1.0 was a simple static chart. v2.0 was a labelled bubble chart. v3.0 was an interactive bubble plot with the size of the bubble indicating a team's points total.

Below is v4.0. Fully interactive motion chart. x axis tells us these things:

  • x Axis is Shots on target ratio (further right the better)
  • y Axis is PDO (the higher on the y axis the 'luckier')
  • Bubble Size tells us about how many points a team has (bigger the better)
  • The Blue dot is league average in Points/SoTR & PDO
  • The play button is the game week. It should read 1-38 but instead it reads 1001-1038.

Enjoy, let me know what you think.


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