Saturday, 24 January 2015

Motion Charts: The 2014/15 Premier League Good/Lucky Chart At Week 22

The 2013/14 chart can be found here.

How To Read This Chart:

  • x Axis is Shots on target ratio (further right the better)
  • y Axis is PDO (the higher on the y axis the 'luckier')
  • Bubble Size tells us about how many points a team has (bigger the better)
  • The Blue dot is league average in Points/SoTR & PDO
  • The play button is the game week. It should read 1-38 but instead it reads 1001-1038.
  • Green = Top 4 | Red = Relegation

  • What It All Means?

    Arsenal Good shots numbers, should slide into the top 4 as usual.

    Aston Villa Terrible shots numbers have improved. Can't score, won't score. Serious relegation threat.

    Burnley PDO has regressed (scoring% now looks normal) and they are competing on a weekly basis. SoTR numbers have them as real relegation candidates.

    Chelsea Elite SoTR numbers, a sliding PDO. Faves for title if the cyborgs don't break.

    Crystal Palace Just short of a league average SoTR team, PDO is slightly below average. Heavily outpassed and hemmed in their own zone under Warnock.

    Everton Consistently good SoTR is being spiked by terrible PDO (save%). Some systems (Martinez) likely involved in the PL's worst save% but some shitty luck, too.

    Hull SotR was nosediving, but has recovered over the last few games. PDO has regressed to league average. In trouble

    Leicester Crazy stupid high PDO has regressed to below league average. SoTR numbers are in the danger zone. Likely lack the talent to compete.

    Liverpool Improving SoTR and improving PDO, both assisted by some soft recent schedule. Should compete for the top 4.

    Man City Title challenging SoTR numbers with a slightly above average PDO. Injuries to continue to hinder.

    Man United Slightly above average SoTR numbers with a sky high PDO. A little like Autumn Ferguson but the Shots on target ratio isn't quite as impressive.

    Newcastle A league average SoTR team with a terrible PDO (caused by save%). Need to hire a competent manager and that list will not contain the name of Bernd Schuster,

    QPR PDO has regressed to 95, SoTR numbers peg them as relegation candidates.

    Southampton SoTR is regressing but the PDO remains high. 60% SoTR is top 4 worthy.

    Stoke SoTR numbers are now around league average after a strong start. PDO has been regressing toward the mean all season and is just about normal now.

    Sunderland SoTR is gradually getting worse. Now would be a fine time for Sunderland to be releagted seeing as, for once, I didn't bet on it.

    Swansea SoTR is sliding, PDO is regressing. Yikes.

    Tottenham Middling SoTR numbers (a surprise) and 103 PDO. I thought Pocchetino would do better. Need to keep Eriksen.

    West Brom Sub-par SoTR team, PDO is about average. West Brom merely take up a space in this league that could be better used by a more interesting team. 

    West Ham A 50% SoTR team with a high PDO. West Ham aren't a good team in open play (16th in open play TSR) but are riding the percentages there and even more so from set pieces. Allardyce has changed West Ham. He really has, honest. Yeah.

    None of these things are new or particularly revelatory. 

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