Saturday, 8 November 2014

Interactive: Top 20 Goalscorers In Premier League History

In this interactive chart we have the top 20 goalscorers in Premier League history. And Sergio Aguero.

Each line indicates the number of goals scored by that player on the y axis and the number of years taken to score them on the x axis.

The 14/15 season is only 10 games old and thus any comparisons between the number of goals Aguero had scored by his 4th year in the league and the number of goals the other elite strikers had scored in that time frame will be unfair. That said, only Shearer, Cole, Henry, Fowler, Ferdinand, Sheringham and Wright scored at a quicker rate than Aguero has. All things being equal Aguero will have scored more goals by the end of his 4th season in the league than Cole, Sheringham and Wright had scored by the end of their 4th seasons.

Aguero is in elite company.

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