Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Current Players Of Interest In The NHL: Rolling Points Totals

Players Of Interest 

Lots of former 1st overall draft picks, some other young players of interest and an old favourite of mine in Marian Hossa.

This chart shows us the cumulative points total for each skater. Year 1 is their debut season in the NHL. Seasons spent in junior, the minors or in Europe are not counted in these totals.


Marian Hossa has been good for a long time. Ovechkin is a boss but will likely be surpassed by Crosby if his health allows him to.

Lots of the young guns (post 2010 draft picks) are trending along very similar paths. The Hall v Seguin should be a race for the ages if both players can stay healthy. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is going to absolutely dismantle this league, with his play if not pure points totals, for a long time if his progress continues at this pace.

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